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Angels with One Wing

I have recently become involved in a meditation group on Google+, Wildmind, in which members are currently making their way through a book of mindfulness practices, How to Train a Wild Elephant: And Other Adventures in Mindfulness, by Jan Chozen Bays.  A few weeks ago, our exercise was to use our non-dominant hand for some of the ordinary tasks that we do each day.

One evening, as I was eating dinner – spaghetti – with my non-dominant hand, I found myself using my dominant hand to push the short strands of pasta that would not twirl in the tines of my fork onto my fork.  There are a number of ways that I could have thought about this observation, and what I said to myself was, “You know, I do this the other way round as well!”  I took the experience as a reminder, then, that whether we are trying something new or doing something that we have done a thousand times before, the support of a helping hand can make a welcome difference in the experience for us.

Who, in your life, provides you with support as you challenge yourself to think in new ways, to experiment with “thought tonic” — perspectives that fuel you with positive, anabolic energy, and so ease your anxious thinking, boost your confidence?  Certain kinds of relationships and conversations make a difference!  If you would like more support, whom might you ask — a friend, family member, romantic partner, spiritual mentor, counselor, coach, or some combination?  Who are people to whom you might offer a helping hand?

“We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another.” – Luciano de Crescenzo

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Change Ahead

New Function, New Name, New Look — Same Great Content!

If you have been following my blog, you will notice a number of changes to it in the coming days. In today’s post, I am going to describe and explain the main differences that you will see — in name, look, and function.  I want to try to avoid at least some of the possible confusion that could result from these changes otherwise!

I have decided to use this blog as the front page for a new WordPress Website for my counseling and coaching practices.  As a result, my blog will get a new name — and a brand new look!  You will also notice new pages attached to this blog — pages about the services that I offer, and pages with new information and links to new resources that will complement my posts.

The new name that I have chosen is a response to an evolution in my thinking since I set up the blog and began to publish posts — a growing understanding, I hope I can say, about what draws readers to the blog, and what they find most helpful about it.  I want this blog to have benefit for people!  Originally, I called my blog, “Social Anxiety, Shyness, and Performance Fears,” in a very straightforward reference to some the categories of experience with which I often work in my counseling and coaching practices.  As I have been writing posts, I have found myself enjoying a focus on the kinds of thinking that we can talk about as fueling all sorts of anxious experiences, including those associated with social situations, and exploring ways in which we can respond to such thinking in order to foster different experiences for ourselves.  The idea came to me that what I would like to offer through this blog, and what readers seem to be looking for when they come to it, could be called “thought tonic.”  When I say “tonic,” I refer to something that invigorates, strengthens, restores — or otherwise promotes and supports — our sense of well-being.  What I hope to provide in this blog are thoughts that help us calm our nerves and soothe our self-doubts, thoughts that help us increase our feelings of well-being in terms of emotional balance, self-confidence, and more.  With these notions in mind, I have decided to give my blog the new name of “Thought Tonic.”

I hope that you will enjoy the changes — in function, name, and look — that I will be making to this blog over the next several days.  I also hope that, over the coming weeks and months, you will continue to enjoy the same kind and quality of content that brought you to the blog in the first place.  Please feel free to leave a comment (or to contact me through the custom form that will be coming soon); I welcome your suggestions for content, as well as your ideas about what other features could make this Website a helpful resource for you.  I would love to hear from you!

Thank you for reading!




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