At some point in our lives, many of us experience increased feelings of anxiety or stress, and often a sense of depression — sometimes lasting for much longer than any of us would ever want, even if we’re able to see that the feelings “make sense.”     When we’re in such a position, talking to someone “on the outside” of our situation — a psychotherapist or life coach, for instance — can be very helpful.  These conversations can be a way to take care of ourselves, to give ourselves opportunities in partnership with a professional who focuses on us to create and support the increased sense of calmness, clarity, and confidence that we want in our lives.

At Thought Tonic, LLC, we are dedicated to co-creating counseling and coaching conversations in which you have the opportunity to identify and define what you want in your life instead of the anxiety and stress, the sense of depression, the pain of feeling “overwhelmed” or “stuck” that you are currently experiencing.  We explore habits of thought, behavior, and other blocks that you see as getting in your way, and partner in confidence-building conversations about how you want to respond to these.  We also talk about how our professional relationship can support you in the plans that you develop, and how you want to incorporate the successes that you experience into your life — for extraordinary results that last.

We see adult clients in individual and relational counseling for a wide variety of reasons — on topics related to anxiety, stress, self-esteem, grief, depression, communication, and sex, to name just some of the most common.  Over time, we have developed a specialty working with people who struggle with patterns of anxious thinking.  Often, these clients describe themselves as having strong inner critics; sometimes, they identify themselves as introverts, or as experiencing anxiety in social situations.  In coaching, we frequently work with clients who have seen a therapist previously, and want to maintain and build on the gains that they have made.

Whether you are looking for extra support during a particularly difficult time in your life, or are ready to move in a new direction, we look forward to collaborating with you in the kinds of conversations and supporting work that have the potential to make a remarkable difference in your life.

Here’s to your increased calmness, sense of clarity, and confidence!

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