We make meaning of our experiences through conversations.  We have conversations with ourselves — usually, as thoughts — and with other people.  When we’re feeling overwhelmed and stuck, some conversations help us to generate new meanings and ideas for action that enhance our sense of self-agency and possibility; others do not.  My passion and intent — in counseling, life coaching, and the supervision of other therapists — is helping to create conversations that make a difference.

When you and I talk, I will treat you as the expert on your own life and experiences, what is important for us to discuss, and the goals of our conversations.  My expertise lies in facilitating a collaborative process of transformative dialogue on the topics of your concern.  I will listen to you, ask questions, check my understandings, and share my own thoughts out loud. I invite you to do the same with me. I believe the difference you are seeking in your life is the exciting and natural consequence of these kinds of conversations.

Are you ready for something different in your life?

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