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Energy Blocks

Are limiting beliefs, interpretations, assumptions, or gremlins (i.e., your inner critic) getting in your way of living life the way you want?  Get ideas from posts in The Thought Tonic Blog for overcoming these energy blocks and living your life with greater calm, courage, and confidence!

Show that Gremlin Some Sun!

When we expose our negative core beliefs to the light of day — become aware of them, identify them, and challenge them — they begin to lose their power.

Think the Rainbow!

When we believe that one interpretation is the only possible “right” explanation, we close ourselves off from other options that may be helpful.

What’s Limiting You?

How is the way that you are seeing things influencing what is possible for you? What are other thoughts and beliefs that would be more helpful?

Through A Glass Darkly

We can all get stuck in ways of looking at life that break us down rather than build us up. Join me in cleaning your own invisible eyeglasses of perception!

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