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Hello there, fellow private practice therapists!

Yep, once again, that time of year is here … that time of year when holiday stresses and winter blahs can weigh heavily on many people. As private practice therapists, we’re doing our best to provide support and care to our clients … wouldn’t it be nice to receive some of that same support and care ourselves?

Well, your Nourish to Flourish team has an opportunity for you (yes, YOU!) to experience just that — support and care in both your professional and personal lives as a private practice therapist. Our next Nourish to Flourish offering, coming quick in 2020, will be a half-day mini-retreat in the eclectic and artistically electric Broad Ripple neighborhood of Indianapolis. We’ll meet together for the afternoon of Friday, January 17, 1pm to 5pm, to connect, reflect, and thrive. The cost will be $75 per person and our group size will be limited to 12 participants. There will be an optional, informal dinner out in Broad Ripple after our mini-retreat concludes.

Are you interested in more information? Ready to register? In either case, head on over here:

We’re wishing all of you the very best!


Scott Kahler, Jacquie Braeger, and Laurie Budlong-Morse
Your Nourish to Flourish Team

Integrating Love of Work and Self in Your Private Practice: Indy Private Practice Network for Therapists (IPPN) Summer Networking Event, with guest speakers Laurie Budlong-Morse, Scott Kahler, and Jacquie Braeger

Friday, August 16, 2019 at 10am – 11:30am

Counseling at The Green House, 447 E. 38th St, Indianapolis, Indiana 46205

This discussion-based presentation will support therapists in self-evaluating various areas of their private practice model with a focus on increasing satisfaction and self-compassion within the day to day operations of owning a business and engaging in clinical work. We will begin with a brief overview of ideas related to energizing and humanizing our work lives followed by an extended, gently structured opportunity for reflection and small group conversations. 

This event will begin on time, kindly arrive a few minutes early.

This event is limited to 35 participants, save your space. Register here:

  • Parking: The parking lot is in the back of the house and can be accessed from 38th St or Rusking. Parking at the building with the blue roof may be available.
  • Accessibility: The location requires one step to get into the building, please let us know if you need mobility assistance or other accommodations.
  • Note: For those with allergies, there may be a therapy dog in the building.

About the speakers: Laurie Budlong-Morse, Scott Kahler, and Jacquie Braeger are all Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists with shared interests in Collaborative Therapy and the intersections between our personal and professional selves. Each is engaged in private practice alongside additional endeavors, such as teaching, supervising, writing, and coaching.

Nourish to Flourish Retreat

Attention Private Practice Therapists!

Join Scott Kahler, Laurie Budlong-Morse, and Jacqueline Braeger for three days and two nights in June at Artists Colony Inn in scenic downtown Nashville, Indiana. At the Nourish and Flourish Retreat for private practice therapists, you will have the unique opportunity to hit the pause button on life-as-usual and intentionally invest in yourself and your practice.

For additional details, and to register, visit:

Featured Image: Photo by Vita Vilcina on Unsplash